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exist in reality, breathe in fantasy
because of clipping my hair for too long yesterday, my hair got all frizzy!! *o*
ima wash hair today after work, then... if im not too lazy... hehe

office is ssooooo coldddd~
i need a hot drink... but i dont have one! *sobs*

and i also need a black pen..

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If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild.

Granted, the only photographing i've done is by using my handphone.

Rainbows at The Niagara Falls would be pretty, i think. Like, when a rainbow appears on the curtain of the falls while you're on the ship.

Rain falling on your face with a beautiful landscape at the back. I'm thinking skyscrapers. And 'Singing In The Rain'. 

Playing in a big fountain! And bubbles!

Joyful smile. Bitter smile. Teary smile. Nostalgic smile. Regretful smile. Blissful smile.

Jams and honey. And maple syrup. All the gooey goodness of all sweet things. It's bright  and colorful and of course, yummy!


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All New TUMBLING Community!!!

and because i started adoring dear Yanagishita Tomo-kun from that drama, i thought that i would advertise this comm for anyone interested.

so join join join!


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I re-did this quiz again...

and in my current stateCollapse )


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It is 9th April 2010,10:50PM and i just finished watching Kanjani8 Countdown Live in Kyocera Dome DVD.

It was awesome!
Actually awesome is an understatement. It was more than that. Instead of songs, i feel like they're presenting themselves and their feelings.
"Thank you."
"We want to look cool in front of you."
"It's amazing that we have come this far."
"We hope you enjoy the show."
"Are our feelings can reach you?"
"We love you."

I guess it's not a surprise that I love Yoko's solo. I think everyone loves that solo. I think we all understand what he and them wanted to convey through that performance; that Yoko loves and misses his grandfather, and the members give him the spotlight but are there behind him, supporting him. I guess what gets me is their faces that show silent empathy and understanding, and just that...thing that you can only get from being practically a family for so long.

The sounds are, i think, much much better for this DVD. It was mind blowing! And of course, the instruments are always awesomeness, sounds especially sharp and nice.

Overall, just a very fun, full of hearts concert. Every songs wanting to be reached, every messages are conveyed. I think, by far, the most beautiful live Kanjani8 ever had.

And Shota looked so good too~
As well as everybody else, of course~

I am proud to be an Eighter~


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some old stuff that's been buried in the computer until recently, and icons and wallies from the recent SSII in Malaysia. i hope you guys like it!

[10] PV: You & I
[8] PV: Koe wo Kikasete
[3] SSII: Donghae

Wallies (800 x 600)
[2] SSII: Donghae

NOTE: Original photo of SSII Donghae credit : Shuwookie

even when the sky is falling down, i promise you...Collapse )

sunao ni nareba...Collapse )

you are so beautifulCollapse )

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so, i've been looking through my journal. look at my icons and realize that i miss icon-ing (now if only i can get Photoshop again...), and i look at my entries - random ones, stupid ones, emo ones - and realize that, despite everything, despite me always complaining that my life pretty much sucks and whatnot, i had a pretty good life. im well and alive, still going on and moving forward, still caring to dream, still likes to daydream about happy marriages and secret life and broken hearts.

and now, i am content. i guess. i think so. i still think there're alot of growing up to do, a lot of catching up to do, still have dreams to achieve one of which is meeting mr. current obsession in fandom but  yeah, i am content and everything has been sane.

(now if only the insanity that is fans-bashing-2PM-and-being-generally-retarded dies down....)

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The price of betrayal

By: Haris Hussain

New Straits Times, 13/1/2010


Choices. Life’s all about choices. You come to a fork in the road, you take it. There are those who just slam on the gas pedal without thinking, and then there are those who mull over it for days on end.

Either way, it’s still pretty much a coin toss.Collapse )

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i think i would choose sight because while i like to sleep in the dark, darkness, total blankness almost makes me claustrophobic. it makes me feel like i don't know if i'm standing on the ground or if i'm floating, or am i going to fall or not. besides, i like lights and colour. if there is one thing that i can't afford to lose, it would be colour.

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Without me even realizing it, this song has helped me through hard times back then. so much that i'm able to smile again.

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Current Music: NEWS - Happy Birthday

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