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christmas, birthday & farewell - exist in reality, breathe in fantasy
christmas, birthday & farewell
17th December 2010.
It's my 24th birthday and it's the day that i tender my 24-hr notice.

In the office we celebrated Christmas Party cum Birthday Party for December babies. But on that day, I also sent in my resignation to the manager and i felt sadder than i expected to for leaving the company with such great colleagues and bosses. But at the same time i felt grateful for their understanding despite being informed all of a sudden. In fact, they readily make the party as my Farewell Party as well. And we ended the day with smiles on our faces. They all supported me and encouraged to move forward and wished me all the luck. Really, i'm grateful for their wishes.

I'm really thankful for having to meet them and i think there is no way i would forget them. For a year and four months that i was working there, i'm grateful that it were them that i was working with. 

And now, another new chapter has begun. Class will start tomorrow, and i honestly don't know what to expect. The only thing that i am grateful for is Pat and Zita. Luckily, they will be there with me. So, i'm gonna continue this journey and start moving forward, hopefully, to a better road.

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