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exist in reality, breathe in fantasy


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Starting date: 17.12.2010

1) Get a driving license
2) Get a new (better) job Pass the CCNA test Get out of this sucky place!!
3) Learn bass guitar
4) Lose 3kgs
5) Get a Blackberry
6) Buy a Laptop

Dateline: 17.12.2011

It has been, what? 4 years? since I made this list.

And now, without realizing it, I'm turning 28 even though I still feel like I was 25. But looking back, things have changed. And a lot of things had happened to me, both good and bad. I'm just thankful that good things happen more than bad things.

From the list itself, I can strike another 3 items, and again, change No. 2 for the better. Wayyy better. I'm really thankful and grateful for my family, my sisters, and the support that I get these past 4 years. I've achieved way more than I can imagine, and the possibilities are now endless to me.

I hope on 17th of December, this year, I can achieve another possibility that I never thought possible.

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Choose the color you feel most "harmony" with.Collapse )

I guess people do change as they grow older. I just hope that this is a good sign of what's to come in the future.

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17th December 2010.
It's my 24th birthday and it's the day that i tender my 24-hr notice.

In the office we celebrated Christmas Party cum Birthday Party for December babies. But on that day, I also sent in my resignation to the manager and i felt sadder than i expected to for leaving the company with such great colleagues and bosses. But at the same time i felt grateful for their understanding despite being informed all of a sudden. In fact, they readily make the party as my Farewell Party as well. And we ended the day with smiles on our faces. They all supported me and encouraged to move forward and wished me all the luck. Really, i'm grateful for their wishes.

I'm really thankful for having to meet them and i think there is no way i would forget them. For a year and four months that i was working there, i'm grateful that it were them that i was working with. 

And now, another new chapter has begun. Class will start tomorrow, and i honestly don't know what to expect. The only thing that i am grateful for is Pat and Zita. Luckily, they will be there with me. So, i'm gonna continue this journey and start moving forward, hopefully, to a better road.

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[1 - 24] 8UPPERS Movie & Making

i love you. hitori janai.Collapse )

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they win over you.. *shrugs*

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i just realized that the things that i blog about are if not about the fandom, then it's about complains on how my life sucks...how negative.

...and this is a complaint, too

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this week is looonngg. the air-conditioner is always freakin cold. i practically am working in a freezer. and it is like im working without actually doing any work. i come to the office, be bored, and go home. every single week. not even sure that this company is gonna survive from bancruptcy or not. most likely not. i should start thinking of finding a new job but... gosh, it's tiring to keep changing you job, y'know?

cant wait for october, though. if all go well, i might be able to...be something else, even if it's only for a few days. just wanna forget about everything and let go and (pretend to) be something else.

i dont even know why i even bother waking up so early in the morning for. 

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i replaced my ATM card yesterday and it costs me RM12. but, okay, figures since it's my own stupid fault. suprisingly, im anticipating for a lot of movie for the coming half of this year and next. even those that might not be released in malaysia.



and of course, will be watching Eclipse this sunday woohoo!

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the stupid me has forgotten about my ATM card in the cash-in machine, and now i lost it. luckily, i've reported it as soon as i realized about it (which is about 4 hours later!) and maybe will be making a new one... tomorrow? heh

Maitom's feet is hurt :(
but when i tried to put some 'minyak batu' on his feet, he got all angry and putting his paw on his feet so i couldnt touch it. reminds me of lil kids who got hurt and dont want anyone to touch the wound lol!
it's pretty cute, actually~

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